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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Dartford St, Flemington

Stock agent Donald McPhail with his wife Isabella, nee Urie, and their baby James in a perambulator.  They are standing in front of their residence at 16 Dartford St, Flemington.  The house is still standing.  See more on the Time Travellers website, link above.  Courtesy of Ian Jeanneret.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Sherwood family of Flemington

 Left to Right, back row:  Elsie May, Arthur William, John Winsor Sherwood. Front row, left: Kate, William Henry & Hannah Elizabeth Sherwood. Photo courtesy of Heather Kennedy.

The above photo, taken in the early 1900s, of the Sherwood family of 46 Wellington St, Flemington, includes two librarians who worked at the Flemington and Kensington Free Library and Institute.  The undated newsclipping says that Elsie May took up the position of librarian after her father's retirement.   W H Sherwood was mentioned in the library committee minutes in 1929, and E M Sherwood was similarly mentioned in 1937. (See above link).

Arthur William Sherwood, centre back, served in the AIF during the Great War.

In the Electoral Rolls the three men of the family were always listed as clerks, and Elsie was always listed as a dressmaker, even while presumably working as a librarian, while Kate and Hannah had home duties.

The Sherwoods lived in various addresses in Flemington, including Wellington st, Waltham St and Lee St, but by 1963 had moved to 11 Lincoln Rd, Essendon. Of the four children, only John Sherwood married, the other siblings residing together throughout their lives.

Friday, 5 January 2018

North Essendon Methodist (or Presbyterian) Cricket Club

This team is thought to be either the North Essendon Methodist Cricket Club in the 1930s, or the North Essendon Presbyterian Cricket Club in the 1930s.  The three players named below played for both clubs.   The ground might be the Cross Keys Reserve.  Courtesy of Don Mountain.
Back Row, far right - Herb Sissons
Middle Row, third from right, Bert Scott; far right, Roy Mountain

If anyone can shed further light on the photo - the names of players, the year, the ground, please get in touch.  

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Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Batavia Insurance Coy Ltd

Painted on the side of the building "E J Norris Estate Agent, Local Agent, Batavia Insurance Coy Ltd.  W Collins Moonee Ponds."  Photo Lenore Frost 2017.
Building in Russell St, Essendon, looking south.  Photo Lenore Frost 2017.
A recent demolition in Russell St, Essendon, opposite Essendon Station, has revealed a long-hidden sign advertising the service of E J Norris, real estate agent and local agent for the Batavia Insurance Company.

Edward James Norris lived in several local addresses around the station, including Robb St and Flower St.  His business premises, and possibly residence as well, was at 19 Russell St.   He died in 1923, as did the signwriter, William Gilbert Collins of Clarinda Rd, Moonee Ponds.  That puts the latest the sign could have been painted as 1923.

The earliest date for the sign may have been 1919.  In that year Edward James Norris was listed in the Electoral Roll at Devonport, Tasmania.

The name Batavia caught my eye, being a place-name no longer in use.  It was the capital city of the Dutch East Indies until 1943 when it fell to the Japanese.  In 1945 it was renamed Jakarta by Indonesian Nationalists, and accepted by the international community in 1949.  

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Ascot Vale CYMS Football Club, 1919

The Ascot Vale branch of the Catholic Young Men's Society football team which played in the CYMS competition in 1919.  Courtesy of Kathleen Baker.

Their home ground may have been on the Ascot Racecourse, though this is by no means established.  This team portrait was taken at the Leighton Studios in Moonee Ponds in 1919.  Some of the surnames associated with the club were:  Baker, Culquhoun, Scully, Lynch, Maroney, Dunbar, Smith, Riordan, and Reilly.    Identifications of the players is welcome.  See the Time Travellers website for further information.

Monday, 23 October 2017

South Kensington Football Club, 1922

Sylvester Baker, author of "A History of Kensington, 1905-1919" played for the South Kensington Football Club, and is sitting in the front row 5th from the left.  Sylvester was born in 1901, and appears to be one of the oldest in the team, which probably makes this one of the first football teams from the area with no ex-servicemen.  The club played on a ground "behind the South Kensington Railway Station".  The names of most of the players can be seen on the Time Travellers website here.
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Baker.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

6th Melbourne Scout Troop, Kensington, 1919

6th Melbourne Boy Scout senior scouts taken at the Dover Studios, Moonee Ponds in 1917.  Centre front is Scoutmaster William Arthur Robins, and centre back is Sylvester James Baker, both of Kensington. Courtesy of Kathleen Baker.

In 1917 the 6th Melbourne Scout troop was referred to in the newspapers of the day as the Irish Scouts or Catholic Boy Scouts, associated with Holy Rosary Church, Kensington.  Or was this merely a reporter's error.  One article refers to the troop colours as red and green, but the current troop uses a different coloured scarf.

Can anyone identify the other scouts in the photo?    

In 1917 the troop was meeting in Gower St, Kensington, but is now located at the 6th Melbourne Scout Hall in McCracken St, Kensington.  That hall has lately undergone renovations.