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Friday, 13 July 2018

Old shop sign, Moonee Ponds

Old shop sign corner Bent and Fanny Sts, Moonee Ponds.  Photographer: Christine Laskowski

Bushells Blue Label was the tea of flavour.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Skating in the Ponds

Looking into Puckle St from Pratt St.  Photo: Lenore Frost 2018

The ice skating rink in Pratt St.  Photo: Lenore Frost 2018.
Winter fun for kids in Pratt Street, Moonee Ponds in 2018 - but Time Travellers should grab their skates and Pierrot Costumes and take a little walk across the road to Puckle St, and turn to the left where Bonds outlet and the travel shops are now, to visit the Moonee Ponds Skating Rink - and it will only cost you one shilling.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Flemington, Bob Smith, carrier, 1927

Bob Smith, Duncan St, Flemington, carrier. Picnics, Parties, anything. 

It is not clear where this photo was taken, any ideas gratefully received.

Source:  Museums Victoria Collections
Accessed 19 May 2018.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

"Kelso", 23 Collins St, Essendon

The photo above shows "Kelso", 23 Collins St, Essendon, in its heyday, decorated to welcome home a family member from the war in 1919.   This, and other photos of "Kelso", including one of the stables,  have been added to the Time Travellers website, courtesy of Neil McDonald here.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Rainbow Home Made Cakes, Union Rd

Tonight I have begun to post a number of photos of business premises in the Essendon and Flemington area.  This one shows  the Rainbow Cake Shop in Union Rd, Ascot Vale.  Follow the link to find out more.

Note the profile of the buildings opposite, reflected in the window of the shop.  

Bring back shop girl uniforms, I say!   Nothing nicer than a starched collar and apron.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Essendon Boys' Lacrosse Team, 1934

Essendon Boys' Lacrosse Team, 1934.  Museums Victoria Collections  Accessed 24 April 2018
This team includes John Hawksworth in the top right hand corner.  If you can identify anyone else in this photo, please get in touch.  This photo has been added to the Essendon Lacrosse Club page on the Time Travellers website.  It has also been dropped into the webpage for the Dover Studios when it was operated by Frank Rider - the woolly rug, the lino and the studio backdrop give that away, though Museums Victoria didn't record that detail.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Essendon North State School, Depression years

This class at Essendon North State School shows a mix of pupils whose families are doing ok, and send their children to school clean and neatly dressed, and other families whose children are grubby and unkempt, and in some cases looking abused.  Some of their fathers would have been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after the war, potentially exacerbated by unemployment and alcohol abuse.  See other photos from Essendon North at the Time Travellers website. Photo courtesy of Greg Manderson.  Please get in touch if you can identify anyone in the photo.